.blog Featured Site: breck.blog

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Breck.blog is here to prove it. The website is a love letter to Breckenridge, Colorado, in photo form. 

It allows people to upload their best shots of the stunning area. And alongside photography, contributors can add titles and captions. It’s a chance to explain who they are, what they saw, why they were in Breckenridge, Colorado.

What is the blog about?

Made up entirely of user-submitted photos, Breck.blog acts as an all-in-one visitors journal, a tourism board, and an art gallery. It showcases life in the area through regularly-updated imagery. Which creates a photo album feel for those who already love Colorado and those who are thinking of visiting.

What makes it special?

To post on Breck.blog, you have to become a website contributor. This helps the moderators keep an eye on who and what is being posted on their site. But it’s not an exclusive club, and you don’t need to be a local or a pro photographer. Tourists and amateurs alike are welcome. The only criteria is that submissions should show Breckenridge in all its glory.

As well as promoting Breckenridge to tourists, it also allows photographers of all levels to reach wider audiences. It shows off Breckenridge’s beautiful scenery and community feel from different perspectives. And it gives an authentic glimpse into life in the town.

 Ideas for inspiration

The blog’s creator makes all of the images available for use under creative commons licensing, so anyone is free to use or even adapt the images as long as they are not used for commercial purposes.