.blog Featured Site: itsyourcareer.blog

Itsyourcareer.blog is an educational resource by the University of Texas, which takes on the easy-to-read format of a blog. At its core, itsyourcareer.blog is designed to share useful tips and practical guides for students so they can prepare for their future careers.

What is the blog about?

Itsyourcareer.blog covers topics ranging from how to be a strong leader to how to decide on the right career and how to handle Human Resources issues in the workplace.

The blog is produced by the University of Texas’ Center for Professional Education.

The website also offers a space for users to submit suggestions for articles they’d like to read and topics they want to know more about.

What makes it special?

Running a career blog as a free resource is a great way for a university to connect with its students, especially now that more university experiences are taking place online, which can be alienating for students who feel they are missing out on many of the benefits of campus life.

Itsyourcareer.blog offers a resource that’s easy to access and read, with a clear focus: improving your career prospects. This means that students can access information on their own time when they need it. And while remote student life might have its pitfalls, this is one example of an improvement from times past, where students would need to find the time to meet with careers advisors or track down physical resources on campus.

As well as providing fast and easy access to career resources, itsyourcareer.blog also enables students to access information they may not have known they needed. New content is published regularly on different subjects relating to the workplace, so readers can keep expanding their knowledge. And to ensure they never miss a blog post, readers can also subscribe to the itsyourcareer.blog newsletter.

What to steal?

  • Give your readers the chance to suggest topics they want to see.
  • Categorizing your content clearly means that readers can always find what they’re looking for on your site.
  • Linking to other relevant resources adds value to your site as readers will appreciate the extra support that you offer.