What are the most popular categories of .blog premium names?

Your domain name is like a piece of digital real estate, which is why so many bloggers choose a .blog domain. For a blog name that is really impactful, though some bloggers go the extra step and choose a .blog premium name. 

A domain name is not just an address; it’s a powerful branding tool that can play a key role in a blog’s success. Selecting the perfect .blog domain is a crucial step that can define a blogger’s journey and engage their audience from the very outset. A .blog premium name can signal your expertise in your chosen niche, or become a tool for building a personal brand around your own name.

In this post we take a look at the most popular categories of premium .blog domains, and learn how to discover your own.

Types of .blog names

Selecting a domain name related to your blog’s theme immediately conveys your blog’s purpose, making it easily discoverable by your target audience. A relevant and memorable domain enhances brand recognition, may boost SEO rankings, and help your target audience to find you.

Blogging Related Terms

It’s no surprise that some of the most popular premium .blog domains are blogging words! This graphic shows some of the .blog premium names already snapped up in this category. These names speak to the curiosity and creativity of dotbloggers. Choose a blogging word as a domain name to highlight your expertise in content creation.

Visit the premium name discovery tool on my.blog to find more premium domains in this category. Try search terms like; “blogging”, “internet” or “writing” to see available premium names in these categories.

Names and Places

Your name is your most natural and original brand. It’s a key element of who you are, making it an authentic and effortless way to represent yourself and your content. While trends and topics may change over time, your name remains constant. This gives your blog a sense of permanence and long-term identity, even as your content evolves. Whether you’re mentioning your blog in conversation, on social media, or in interviews, there is nothing simpler or more intuitive than “your name” + .blog. Similarly, choosing a location as your blog domain name can be advantageous because it immediately establishes your demographic, helps appeal to local audiences, and conveys a sense of authenticity and authority. This could attract readers interested in that specific area, but it is also vague enough that it could simply denote where you are.

Use the my.blog search tool to see if your name is available. Try first names, last names, nick names, or even initials.

Business Verticals

With a domain name that clearly represents your “business vertical,” you’re more likely to attract readers who are genuinely interested in the content you provide, leading to higher engagement levels. Your blog can become a go-to resource for information, insights, and updates related to your “business vertical,” positioning you as a thought leader in the industry.

Here are some of the verticals where .blog names are most visible.

Technology and innovation

Health, wellness, and lifestyle

Selecting the right domain name for your blog is a pivotal decision that can impact your success. Whether you opt for a location, business vertical, or themed domain, each approach offers unique benefits. A well-chosen domain creates brand recognition, boosts search rankings, and establishes your authority in the industry. So embrace the power of a compelling domain, and start your blogging journey where your voice reaches and resonates with the perfect audience.