.blog Featured Site: genius.blog

Genius.blog is a blog by the White House Award-winning entrepreneur Felecia Hatcher. Felecia describes her blog as a place to share her ‘advice and ramblings’. 

From tips and advice about the workplace, to how to start and run a business, and words of wisdom on becoming the best version of yourself, Felecia’s content offers a valuable resource for everyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to those looking to advance their career or enter the workplace for the first time.

What is the blog about?

Felecia’s blog is all about how to do things better – from your business to your personal life. As well as tips to improve your ‘hustle,’ she discusses topics like how empathy contributes to success, and how to overcome imposter syndrome. 

Felecia’s content offers open and honest insights that people at any stage of their career or self-improvement journey can read and learn from.

What makes it special?

Felecia’s holistic take on life and business helps readers to understand how the two are connected. And if you’ve been thinking your at-home self and your at-work self were two different entities, she’s here to show you how much more productive and efficient you could be if you challenge that perspective.

She’s won numerous awards working for the likes of Nintendo and Sony, founded Code Fever and BlackTechWeek. Felecia’s advice is sought after and she shares it freely on her blog. She’s an amazing and inspiring overachiever who is also a celebrated speaker on topics including entrepreneurship and tech innovation.

What to steal?

  • Use your blog to promote and sell other products, like Felecia uses genius.blog to promote her book.
  • Include a blogroll feature to help your readers find other useful resources, whilst also creating valuable backlinks to boost your site’s SEO.
  • Create a network by encouraging subscribers to sign up. This helps to increase reader loyalty, as it delivers your content straight to their inbox