dotblogger Application for Registrars

Thank you for your interest in our dotblogger program. A good domain is key to creating a memorable online brand. Yet, for many years, bloggers, marketers, and brand owners have settled for domains that are long and unintuitive, contain unnecessary qualifiers, and, in some cases, are littered with misspellings and dashes. This is no longer the case with the introduction of new domain extensions like .blog – available, short, memorable, and relevant.

At Knock Knock WHOIS There (KKWT), we accept the responsibility to help bloggers, brand owners, and marketers find their best possible online identity and navigational signpost so they can share stories, interests, and passions with more people. After all, that is the purpose of blogging, isn’t it? And that is why we are now offering the “dotblogger program” to registrars which encompasses not only available and premium names but also all reserved names including highly sought after 1, 2, and 3 character domains.

To be eligible for consideration as dotblogger you must:

  • Possess a level of influence that furthers KKWT’s goals of democratizing publishing on the web, as determined by KKWT. This can be through a large online or social media audience, or simply a high profile brand or person in a specific vertical.
  • Have an existing website or a plan to launch a new website.
  • If approved, use the .blog domain as the primary domain for the proposed website.

To apply, please complete the following application.