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This post is part of a series to showcase the wide variety of talented bloggers using .blog domains. In each post, we’ll interview a site owner to explore their .blog and dive into an area of expertise, ranging from editing tips and tricks to how to build your following.

Irsah, the woman behind, is a beauty blogger and influencer who shares makeup reviews and tutorials to her avid audience. Her primary platform is Instagram, where she’s built a massive following of 135,000 fans. She shared her perspective on what inspires her audience and how she’s cultivated social media to boost her fanbase.

Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and how you got started?

I am a beauty blogger/influencer sharing my tips and passion for makeup online. I got started not knowing where this would take me. I never was into makeup or the beauty industry, so starting this journey three years ago was something so new. I only had three makeup items — mascara, lipliner, and concealer — and was sharing my looks online, while not understanding the terms share, engagement, etc. I was doing it without [the idea of] building a career from it, until I realized a year ago that people can build a career from this platform.

How would you describe your mission for your online presence, whether your blog, SnapChat, or Instagram? What are you hoping to bring to people who follow you?

I personally I feel there is a lack of South Asian influencers collaborating with brands. I remember a couple years back my hope was to see more South Asian bloggers collaborating with beauty brands and see their collections or products in stores. However, now they are slowly appearing, like iisuperwomanii collaborating with Smashbox Cosmetics to come out with her very own lipstick and creating more campaigns with them. Now I will be collaborating with four other influencers and E.L.F cosmetics to create our very own collection. My mission is to show girls that if I can do it, you can do it. There is enough space in the beauty industry for everyone!

What’s your approach to Instagram and social media? How do you decide when and how often to post?

The advice everyone says it to be consistent and post regularly. I try and post at least two to three times a day at least.

How does fit into your personal brand?

It gives more insight to the details of my work. I love Instagram for its visual aspect, but my blog is more detailed. It allows me to go more in depth on certain areas of my beauty tips.

What do you think makes for an engaging social media account?

Be consistent and be you.

What are your biggest tips for someone who’s looking to build their following on social media? What are the biggest mistakes that you see?

I can’t say this enough but be consistent — post at least twice a day. Stay updated on your InstaStories and use the poll feature to engage your audience. If you want to work with a brand you love, focus on their campaigns. Check what type of look they love: is it bold? is it natural? is it outgoing? For a brand to work with you, they want to see if you fit with their style. The biggest mistakes I see are, once you reach a certain following, don’t lose hope and stop. A lot of people do this and when they go back, people move to the “new influencers” who are constantly posting. People love to see what influencers do and create!

For more, check out Ms Israh’s blog and @msirsah on Instagram.

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