Four Ways to Use your Blog and Podcast Together

Did you know that podcasts and blogs make a perfect pairing when you’re thinking about creating content? Once you’ve set up your blog at .blog (using our helpful tips on securing a perfect domain name) and you’ve recorded your first podcast, it’s time to make them work together. 

If you’ve never incorporated podcasting into your blog before or if you’re looking to optimize your content, look no further. We have four key tips on how to make your podcast and blog shine – separately or together – to help your brand achieve the results you want.

Take notes

In the world of blogging, content is king. But you don’t want just any content, you want great content. Using your podcast to help create content is a way to make sure that you are putting your best messages out there. The first step is to transcribe your podcast. It may seem like a no brainer, but a blog post is a great way to repurpose your podcast content. In addition to being used on your blog, which may help draw a different audience than your podcast, you can also edit then share the transcribed copy on social media. Powerful quotes and snippets of conversation can contribute new content for your feed, thus helping draw your social media audience to your blog AND podcast.

Highlight SEO keywords in your transcription notes and create content around these keywords, to help maximize your visibility on search engines. Google can’t listen to your podcast to pick out keywords (yet) so include them in your notes when you transcribe. For example, ensure your guest’s name and the overall theme are highlighted and easily searchable – especially if you are featuring an expert on your podcast.

Finally, you can also embed your podcast into the blog itself to reinforce the cross-pollination of your themes and ideas. Your blog audience will have the opportunity to find and listen to your podcast in an organic way and possibly become your new podcast audience.

Expand on a topic 

You’ve spent the time recording your podcast and you’ve transcribed the conversation, but you can go even further in optimizing your use of this content. Why plan two separate topics when you can save time and boost viewership by creating blog posts and podcast topics that complement each other? Blogging and podcasting can work hand-in-hand, which is a bonus for your audience and overall growth on both platforms. Use your podcast to interview an expert and write a blog that goes into detail about the topic you discussed. Or write a blog about a topic you want to explore and invite experts to dive deeper during the podcast. Either way, you give your audience extra content and it is an effective way of drawing blog readers toward the podcast and encouraging podcast listeners to discover your blog. If you’re doing it right, each content piece should be able to stand alone but also create synergy when paired together.

Create a new article or blog post based around the transcript, inspired by the notes you take. Staying within a theme helps to establish your brand as an expert on a given topic. Using this approach will allow you to keep on track with your theme, providing you with lots of focused content for your audience to consume.

Cross-pollinate your work

Once you’ve transcribed your podcast, pulled the best quotes, and created SEO optimized content, it’s time to get people to read and listen. Because you have spent time carefully extracting the best parts of your podcast and blog, you are now sure to be in possession of several amazing pieces that you are ready to share with the world. 

Podcasts and blogs are their own platforms and you likely have a social media platform as well. Using all your content to collectively spread the word about your brand via repurposed content is a great way to reach a wider, more diverse audience. A preview of your podcast can draw readers into the audio world, and providing even more written content that plays off your podcasts can invite listeners to become readers too. The podcast promotes the blog and the blog promotes the podcast, working together to create greater brand awareness.

Find the perfect place

You already have your .blog domain, so the last step is adding the podcast content to the blog in a seamless and easily accessible way. If you plan to add your podcast to your blog, make sure you understand and utilize the best plugins for an optimal user experience. Seriously Smart Podcasting, and Powerpress are two plugin apps that are user-friendly and easy to install on your blog to cross-promote your posts.

You should also ensure that your podcast is accessible on the best channels so people can easily find your content. You will need a description of your podcast to start as well as appealing cover art that is 1400 x 1400 JPEG and under 500 kb in size. There are three great tools to use to add your podcast to Spotify’s directory: Pocket Casts, Spotify for Podcasters, Captivate, and Buzzsprout. Once you’ve uploaded your podcast, take the link and share it far and wide! Use our helpful tips to promote your work and make sure you diffuse it across all channels.

Ready to go?

By sharing your content across different platforms with different audiences in an optimal way, you are setting yourself up for a successful podcast and blog duo that is searchable and easy to engage with.