From Blogging Novice to Pro: How a Coach Can Help

The Benefits of Working with a Blogging Coach

Hiring a coach is common for entrepreneurs who want to break deadlocks in their progress. In fact, 92% of small business owners have said that coaching has positively impacted on their business.

So, what exactly can a blogging coach help you with? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to blogging, and it depends on your current experience.

Blogging newbies can benefit from learning how to develop a content strategy, increase traffic, and begin to monetize your blog.

If you’re more experienced, you might need someone with skin in the game to teach you how to break writer’s block or get a second pair of eyes on your content strategy.

The key is finding the right blogging coach who can work with you to save time and money. When you procrastinate or don’t know where to begin, you’re wasting energy and resources and can often end up not starting at all. A blogging coach can help you understand which tasks need more time and how to prioritize them.

But before you hire a coach, let’s talk about whether you’re ready for one.

5 Signs You’re Ready to Hire a Blogging Coach

A blogging coach can be a valuable investment, but you might be unsure if you really need one. If these situations seem familiar, there’s a good chance that it’s time to hire a blogging coach.

1. You’ve set goals but aren’t sure how to achieve them.

It’s great having goals like starting a blog and getting 50,000 monthly views, but knowing how to get there is a different story. 

When you work with a coach, you can learn from their experience of what works and discover how to emulate those practices to achieve success for your business. 

2. Having trouble with a consistent publishing schedule.

Writing is difficult, and it might not come naturally to you. Whether it’s because of a lack of inspiration or writer’s block, one of the biggest signs that you’re struggling to write is inconsistency or large gaps between published articles.

Sticking to a regular publishing schedule is crucial to achieving the goals related to your blog. A coach can help you develop a system to publish content habitually, from finding topics to scheduling article publication dates.

If you consistently meet roadblocks, a coach will show you how to overcome them and stick to your publishing schedule.

3. You want to learn how to improve.

When developing any skill, it’s common to plateau or hit a wall in your progress. If you recognize you’re stagnating, you can work with a coach to reach the next level of your blogging journey.

How they can help depends on what you want to learn. The right coach can teach you new skills to add to your blogging arsenal or refine your abilities in certain areas.

4. You’re not getting the expected results.

Seeing very few views and impressions after you publish articles can be seriously demoralizing. This happens to many bloggers, and 90.63% of all pages on the internet get zero views.

Without experienced help, it’s hard to know how to improve when you think you’ve tried everything. If you’re losing confidence due to low views, this could be a sign that you should speak with a blogging coach.

5. You’re unsure where to begin.

When you’re just starting out, you might have a million ideas about what you should write. A common problem that rears its ugly head is uncertainty about which, to begin with, and feeling overwhelmed, meaning your blog never gets off the ground.

This is often because new bloggers don’t have a system in place to find valuable ideas that matter to their audience and don’t create consistent content schedules. A coach can help at any stage of your blogging journey, from getting you going to keeping you on track. 

How to Find the Right Coach for You

The right blogging coach brings invaluable experience to the table. They can help you launch your blog from the ground up or teach you new skills to help you grow as a writer.

However, pairing with the wrong coach who isn’t a good fit for your experience level or doesn’t deliver what they promise will leave you with sub-optimal results.

To set yourself up for success, you should know what to look for in a blogging coach who will help you achieve your goals.

They’re clear in what they offer

Run for the hills if you ever meet a blogging coach that promises you the world.

A good blogging coach should be upfront with what they’re offering and what you’ll get when working with them. A couple of red flags to look for include vague information on the type of coaching they provide and a lack of interest in your situation and what you hope to get from coaching.

For some people, being bombarded with many questions during the prospecting phase can be off-putting, but we’d argue that it’s a great way to start. A good blogging coach will want to know about your goals in as much detail as possible so they can create a bespoke plan.

A coach has proven success in their method

Talk is cheap, as they say. While anyone can call themselves a blogging coach who has taken zeroes to heroes overnight, it’s concerning if they can’t show anything to back that up. An experienced blogging coach will have a portfolio they can share of who they’ve worked with.

Along with a portfolio, they should be able to describe their process and how they achieved success with former clients. This will give you an idea of their approach and how it might align with your goals.

Look out for testimonials, which will give you an idea of what it’s like to work with a coach, as well as the types of clients they take on.

Their fundamentals are solid

If you’re still unsure after checking a blogging coach’s portfolio and speaking with them, you can check their writing samples.

While everyone expresses their creativity through writing differently, it’s concerning if the blogging coach claims one thing but shows they don’t have the basics down. For example, you might spot consistent grammar mistakes, or their content could leave you confused, even after reading it a few times.

Looking through a coach’s writing portfolio gives you an idea of how well they write but also gives you a chance to see if they practice what they preach.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re just beginning your blogging journey or have been doing it for a while, you could benefit enormously from hiring a blogging coach.

To ensure you benefit from their experience and external point of view, it’s worth checking that you’re ready to hire a coach. It can be time intensive, not to mention the expense, and you might not get the most out of it if the situation isn’t right for you.

With the right person, if you need to break a plateau or improve your blogging progress, hiring a blogging coach could be the best investment you make in yourself this year.