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Love music? You’ll adore offrecord.blog—especially if you live in Texas. This independent blog is run by three college pals who love their state’s arts and entertainment scene. But they grew tired of re-reading the same old news, so they took things into their own hands and launched offrecord.blog. The blog that sources and publishes lesser-known news stories from the Texas music scene.

What is the blog about?

As well as untapped music news from Texas and beyond, offrecord.blog shares interviews, reviews, photos, and recaps from live shows. The site is easy to navigate, with articles filed into categories like Features, Live [music], and Media & Culture.

What makes it special?

Offrecord.blog spotlights new talent and gives a voice to the otherwise unheard. The blog has been able to develop a dedicated community and a platform for smaller artists. It’s a place that others can get involved in and feel a part of. And, as anyone who’s been deep in a music scene will tell you, the best thing about it—after the music itself—is the sense of community it nurtures.

 Ideas for inspiration

  • Find a niche in the market—like finding brand new and unheard news stories—can make your work harder. But it also ensures that what you publish is interesting and relevant and that your audience knows to come straight to you to find it.
  • As a music blog, offrecord’s Spotify playlist is a nice touch. 
  • Creating a community around your blog helps increase reader loyalty.

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