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Have you ever become so obsessed with a dessert that you can’t stop thinking about it? The author of theholeygrail.blog knows how you feel. In fact, she took things one step further: she started a blog about it. Theholeygrail.blog is one woman’s mission to find the perfect donut. Right now, she’s focused on bakeries in South Australia, but she’s sampled donuts from across the globe—so when it comes to finding the best, we trust her judgment.

What is the blog about?

Born from a simple love of donuts, theholeygrail.blog rose into something more: it gives the author’s love of eating donuts a self-proclaimed purpose while providing plenty of entertainment and information to her readers.

The blog has reviews of donuts the author has tried. Each is ranked out of 10 on four criteria: Aesthetics, Dough, Topping, and Texture. To keep things fair, she only ever samples the same few types of donuts—a circle donut with either a chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry topping and sprinkles.

As well as her ratings and opinions on her sweet treats, readers can view every donut on a map. So if you want to track one down, you can find exactly where it was purchased in and around Adelaide. You can also view the Top 10 highest-ranking donuts, which changes as more are added.

What makes it special?

Though the donuts reviewed on theholeygrail.blog are exclusively found in South Australia, everyone can enjoy a slice of the joy, no matter where they are. The fun theme, engaging writing, and informative reviews mean anyone can share in the author’s hobby.

​​Creating a unique design and layout for her blog also allows the writer to showcase her unique and playful personality through the illustrated design elements and bold, fun aesthetic of the website.

 Ideas for inspiration

Offering information in different formats like maps and lists helps different kinds of readers digest your content.

If you run a review website, set criteria, and rating systems help make your reviews easier to understand.

Don’t be afraid to be funny on the internet! It’s one of the best ways to build a community, so don’t make yourself sound too serious if it’s just not you.

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