new dotblogger:

Manton Reece has a vision for a better way to blog and he’s bringing that vision to life with his Kickstarter-backed project, is a new, microblogging platform that will include a sleek publishing interface and reader where community members can read short posts from other microbloggers. There will also be iPhone app, so you can write on the go.

“As soon as I registered, everything about what I was doing became more clear and obvious,” Reece said. As he explains in his Kickstarter introduction, in the earlier days of the internet, site owners owned their content and could move, or remove, it whenever they chose. As more and more content is shared via closed social networks, like Facebook or Twitter, there’s been a shift in the long-term ownership of such content. is a means to simplify the process and put the power back in the hands of site owners.

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