For all the ways we celebrate

On November 21st – the anniversary of .blog’s general launch to the public – we’re celebrating three years of bringing our favorite gTLD to the world. We love to use our anniversary as an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come and how far we’re planning to go in the next year.

If we had to pick one word to describe .blog up until now, it would be quality. When we contemplate the past 365 days, the outstanding quality of the .blog TLD is what we’re most proud of.

We have been, and remain, very focused on .blog as a domain extension that garners high usage rates from its users. In other words, for each .blog domain that is registered, our primary goal is to see that domain used by its owner on a unique, active site. For .blog resellers, high usage rates often come with higher renewal rates – another data point strengthening the quality of .blog

Today, according to Pandalytics, over 60% of all .blog domains are unique sites. There are real people (or businesses!) behind the domains, producing content for readers, building communities, and sharing information around the world.

  • Some .blog domain owners are taking it to another level by creating online software that allows others to blog more easily, like
  • Others showcase their passions, like’s passion for, well, facial hair.
  • Others still share their expertise with the world, like’s deep dives into fabric and sewing or’s information on the best products for your smart home.
  • challenges readers to think critically with information on educational webinars and talks about our favorite topic of all: how to blog.
  • Companies like and use their domains to show off tips, tricks, and news for their customer bases.
  • And we can’t forget about popular blogs like,, and, all of which are doing very well and growing with their .blog domains.

As we move into our fourth year of offering .blog to the world, our goal is simple: to continue to create a unique space for bloggers on the internet by providing a quality domain extension to the blogging community.

Upcoming Changes at .blog

When it comes to registry operations, the technical infrastructure used to support a TLD is one very important part of the puzzle. Registry operators work silently in the background ensuring that everything works, consistently and predictably.

Prior to the launch of .blog, we evaluated a wide variety of options when selection backend registry operators. Due to their lengthy experience, stability, and knowledge in the domain industry, we chose Nominet as our registry operator. The Nominet team was critical in the .blog launch and we remain highly appreciative of the insight, expertise, and service they’ve provided us over these past three years.

As we move into the next phase of .blog, we have decided to partner with CentralNic. CentralNic registry is the leading registry backend service provider for new Top-Level Domains with over 30% market share and 8 million domains under management. We look forward to working with the CentralNic team to further advance .blog through tools and services available via their registry services.

Deciding to change backend providers was a difficult decision and not one that we take lightly. We understand the time and effort it takes during the migration process, both on behalf of registrars, as well as everyone else involved. We strongly believe that this new partnership will enhance the .blog experience for our registrar, reseller partners, and registrants. We’re fortunate to have Nominet’s continued support to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Currently, the change is pending approval at ICANN. The expected completion date for the migration is late August/early September 2019. Once we have more detailed information, we will communicate that to our registrar channel and will remain in communication to make sure this process is as transparent and seamless as possible.

Now Powering 200,000 .blogs

We believe in the power of blogging. It’s what fuels our mission to democratize publishing by providing a relevant and accessible domain name for bloggers around the world. With each .blog registration, we view it as one more voice being amplified through the power of the internet.

That’s why we’re especially excited to have hit 200,000 .blog registrations. For us, it’s more than just a number. It’s a growing number of bloggers actively sharing their thoughts, beliefs, experiences, and expertise with the world.

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Find Your Niche with

This post is part of a series to showcase the wide variety of talented bloggers using .blog domains. In each post, we’ll interview a site owner to explore their .blog and dive into an area of expertise, ranging from editing tips and tricks to how to build your following.

A student-run publication, “Blockchain at Berkeley” has its roots in the Blockchain at Berkeley student organization at the University of California, Berkeley. They’re a membership-based group that provides educational resources to both the Berkeley student community and the public at large about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, including a full library of open source classes about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It’s a new and complex field, and the students at Blockchain at Berkeley are doing their part to share their expertise so that everyone can benefit, both newbies and experts alike. Continue reading “Find Your Niche with”

.blog Turns Two

It’s time for .blog to blow out the candles yet again: today marks our second birthday! Two years ago today, .blog went into General Availability, meaning it became available for anyone and everyone to register.

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Making the Switch: A Peek into Migrating

For established bloggers, switching to a new domain name is like leaping into the unknown. How will people know how to find me? Will my search rankings drop? Will I lose followers?
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Get inspired with

This post is part of a series to showcase the wide variety of talented bloggers using .blog domains. In each post, we’ll interview a site owner to explore their .blog and dive into an area of expertise, ranging from editing tips and tricks to how to build your following.

Elizabeth is the interior design buff behind Blue and White Home, a blog chock full of inspiration for vintage, colorful, and classic homes. In addition to her posts filled to the brim with beautiful photos of inspirational interiors and exteriors, “Blue and White Home” is graced with guest posts by Elizabeth’s teenage daughter, who also happens to be the artist behind the site logo. Elizabeth started her site from scratch and has built it over the years to create a fantastic and enthusiastic following who appreciate her love for design just as much as we do. Continue reading “Get inspired with”

.blog’s Grand Meetup

When we’re asked where the .blog team is based, we all respond with a big smile, stating, “Everywhere!” Knock Knock WHOIS There, the registry for .blog, is a remote company, meaning we all get to work from home. Or from cafes, patios, and pretty much anywhere else we can find internet, all around the world. Continue reading “.blog’s Grand Meetup”

Create Courageously with

This post is part of a series to showcase the wide variety of talented bloggers using .blog domains. In each post, we’ll interview a site owner to explore their .blog and dive into an area of expertise, ranging from editing tips and tricks to how to build your following.

“The OAM” is where writer Jacqui shares her experiences with both living sober and as a nomad. She regularly uproots to explore the world, documenting her adventures all over the globe with her pen — or, rather, her keyboard. Her introspective and personal approach to blogging creates a sincere and touching documentation of her travels. “The OAM” is an excellent resource for those living a sober life or who are digging into the more spiritual side of what it means to be alive, be present, and be creative.  Continue reading “Create Courageously with”

Thank you TBEX North America!

Last week, hundreds of travel bloggers saw Corning, NY through a new lens – possibly even one manufactured by the Crystal City itself!

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