100,000 .blogs

We’re proud to celebrate one of our biggest milestones to date: 100,000 .blog registrations!

It was only eight months ago that .blog domains became available to the general public. Since then, we’ve watched the registration numbers grow consistently, with an average of 300 new .blog domains registered each day.

During this time, we’ve focused our efforts on learning as much as possible about our registrars, resellers, and end users, and on understanding the makeup of our baseline numbers. Recently, we’ve begun to experiment with .blog marketing programs, with our first campaigns launching just last month. It’s been a busy year for us, and we’re only ramping up.

On the road to 100,000 domains, we’ve remained committed to our top priorities: usage, transparency, and stability through consistent, sustainable growth. The proof is in the numbers: 66.5% of .blog domains have a unique website associated with them, compared to an average of 39.3% for both new and legacy TLDs, according to recent research by Daniel Ruzzini-Mejia (co-founder and CSO of DomainsBot Srl, the company behind big-data analysis platform Pandalytics). Ruzzini-Mejia also found more than 250 .blog domains that use an eCommerce platform, “which actually indicates that there’s people using .blog not only for blogging, but also for business,” he said, pointing out the broader opportunities for .blog websites.

Looking to the future, we plan to continue using our data-oriented approach to push the limits on usage and growth, while working with registrars to understand their needs as the new top-level domain market matures. Our first marketing programs are proving to be a great starting point and will form the basis of future growth opportunities. All of our current and future efforts will aim to empower our target audience to do what it does best: blog!

We thank you all for helping us along the way, and are excited to continue the journey to one million thriving .blogs.

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