.blog Turns Two

It’s time for .blog to blow out the candles yet again: today marks our second birthday! Two years ago today, .blog went into General Availability, meaning it became available for anyone and everyone to register.

We’re thrilled with what we’ve accomplished over the past two years. Since our last birthday, we’ve seen about 55,000 additional .blog domains registered. Amongst those domains, we’re proud to include prolific writer Seth Godin (seths.blog) and pop culture outlet !! omg blog !! (omg.blog) within the ranks.

Speaking of bloggers and influencers, we’ve had the opportunity to meet more of you in person over this last year after attending and sponsoring TBEX, the largest conference and networking event for travel bloggers. We’re looking forward to meeting even more of you in the year to come as we continue to spread the world about .blog.

In our efforts to spread the word about .blog, we’re not alone! Over the past year, we’ve worked with a wide variety of our registrar and reseller partners to bring .blog to more and more of you. In 2018, we launched a Bundled Rebate program, which allows registrars and resellers to provide .blog for less when packaged with a hosting plan. Why? Pairing a .blog domain with a hosting plan or CMS means more people are actively using their .blog domains, creating more unique content to share with the world.

We’ve also seen subdomains of .blog launched for free on WordPress.com in 26 verticals, such as travel.blog and photo.blog, providing even more bloggers with access to memorable and affordable domain names. Exabytes also launched their campaign, bobb.blog, to educate customers about blogging, building an online brand, and, of course, new domain extensions like .blog!

.blog has also freshened up it’s look with a brand new logo in the past year, thanks to Automattic’s design team. With our fresh new look, we also shared some fresh perspectives in the .blog world via dotblogger interview series and case studies into some big businesses using the .blog domain extension.

With almost 185,000 .blog registrations under our belt, we’re happy to know that more than 65% of you have chosen to keep your domain for the year to come. We know that having a memorable domain name with a strong message is the cornerstone of a solid online identity. With so many of you continuing to build your work — professionally or as a hobby, individually or as a corporation — on a .blog domain, we’re even more excited than ever for yet another year of .blog. Happy birthday to us!

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