2 Years In: How Has Covid-19 Changed Blogging?

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” – Deepak Chopra

2020 was a turning point. Without warning, COVID-19 entered our daily lives and suddenly changed our way of living. Many of these changes were ones we could never have anticipated. We saw an unprecedented rise in the number of people working from home and a significantly reduced ability to travel and spend time together. 

The blogging industry also experienced several shifts and we witnessed some bloggers pivot while others decided this was the perfect time to start their blogging journey.

Workplace Changes Impacted Blogging

With COVID-19, remote work became the norm. Many companies restructured their organizations to accommodate their employees working from home indefinitely. Besides that, people who normally sought entertainment outside of the home were forced to be creative inside. Unable to engage in their normal hobbies, many people took to blogging as a way to process what they were feeling, connect with others, and find a creative outlet for their energy. Many people who lost their jobs also turned to blogging for added income. 

Online interests shifted as well, as searches for DIY and home improvement projects skyrocketed. People wanted to learn how to beautify the spaces they were spending so much time in. They decided to take on projects that they had either put off before or that they would normally have hired others to do. As a result, several blogs highlighting DIY hacks and home improvement like restyledhomes.blog, were born, and many existing sites grew in popularity.

The increase in blogging didn’t stop there. Those impacted by the pandemic were looking for information about how to make money from home, like https://yaro.blog/5292/top-10-methods-to-make-money-online). Others searched for ways to entertain and educate their children. And many more went online for help managing their stress, protecting their mental health, and coping with life during a pandemic. Some bloggers noticed this increase in demand and focused on content in these areas. 

The Focus on Healthcare Impacted Blogging

Blogging also saw a huge interest in healthcare-related information. Almost overnight, epidemiologists became “famous.” Everyone wanted to learn as much as they could about what a pandemic was and how it would impact everyday life. Learning about the COVID-19 virus and how to protect ourselves filled people’s minds and search engines.

There was also an increase in the amount of people blogging about the pandemic. Some wanted to document this historic time, while others sought to share their expertise. And some people simply looked to connect virtually with those they could no longer see in person. What resulted was a shift both in the types of blogs being read and published.

Travel Restrictions Impacted Blogging

COVID-19 forced travel to a screeching halt. As a result, travel blogging was one of the niches that saw the greatest shift. Travel bloggers were unable to travel like normal, and travel-related searches took a substantial hit.

Many travel bloggers were forced to pivot. They shifted their focus from exclusively highlighting their travels to writing about travel-adjacent topics or entirely different fields. https://awesome.blog is an example of a travel blog that pivoted successfully. Before COVID-19, this blog was dedicated to documenting their family’s global travels. During the pandemic, they shifted to feature more stories about the Philippines. They also began covering other COVID-19 -related topics.

While some adjusted the focus of their blogs to adapt, others decided to continue providing their readers with an escape from reality. Regardless of approach, a shift in blogging was undeniable.

What This Means For The Future of Blogging

COVID-19 changed our world. That is a fact. But, change always has and always will exist. So, the question is: What do we do with that change? Do we resent it or view it as an opportunity to reset?

The beauty of blogging is that it is flexible and always changing . We saw a big shift due to COVID-19 that resulted in growth. Bloggers can continue to use this time as an opportunity to expand and evolve. They can adapt their blogs to meet the demands of the time.

Some bloggers might be inspired to shift to new topics, expand their repertoire, and seek new knowledge and skills. Others might use this time as an opportunity to grow their connections by reaching out to other bloggers. Perhaps they can find ways to collaborate or learn from one another.

Changes in blogging may encourage some to search out new sources of income. Bloggers who previously shied away from affiliate and influencer promoting might recognize the advantages in this form of marketing. Others who have avoided selling products and courses may be inspired to branch out. 

The Takeaway

From the number of bloggers to the topics that people search for and write about, blogging has changed as a result of COVID-19. As it continues to evolve, bloggers are growing and adapting. While some of the changes initiated by COVID-19 may begin to shift back, (e.g., increase in travel, return to in-person work, etc.) bloggers in the pandemic and post-pandemic era can still use this period as an opportunity to expand and grow.