How To Make Your Blog and Social Media Work Together

You probably already know how valuable blogs are. And, if you’re reading this, it’s likely you also know that social media is a great marketing tool. What you may not be aware of is the importance of combining the two. We’re going to look at the benefits and how to make your blog and social media channels work together.

Why You Should Coordinate Your Blog and Social Media Channels

All bloggers want traffic to their sites. Having an active social media presence can help with that goal, improve engagement, and give you greater insights into your audience. 

People are more likely to comment on social media posts than in a blog’s comment section, so an active presence gives you more opportunities to communicate with your readers. The more places they have to connect, the more attached they feel, and therefore, the more engaged they are.

What Does Online Cohesiveness Look Like?

It’s not enough to simply have a blog and social media accounts. To maximize their benefits, it’s important to have an active, connected, and cohesive presence across platforms. 

There are many creative ways bloggers can use social media to direct followers to their posts. Of course, your social media platforms should contain a link to your blog, but don’t stop there! Update your profiles regularly to direct readers to your most recent posts. You can even use tools that allow you to merge multiple links into a single page with a unique URL. Include creative and engaging video content, photos, and graphics with a call to action that guides viewers to your blog.

Rather than considering them as two separate entities, it helps to think of your online presence as a single unit. Your blog is the content, and your social media is its distribution channel. Therefore, all your profiles and websites should have similar branding and a consistent voice.

Embed social media into your blog posts, with links to your accounts and easy sharing integration for a user-friendly experience. Doing so encourages readers to follow your blog on multiple platforms and gives them an easy way to share posts, which increases traffic and engagement.

How to Make Your Blog and Social Media Channels Work Together

A simple way to create cohesiveness is to make sure your brand name, logo, and taglines match across channels. Whenever possible, the blog’s name, website, and social media tag should be the same, so do your best to make them match. If you’re a new blogger, you can browse platforms for available usernames are available before committing to a domain name.

Twitter is a popular place to broadcast information and interact with people. Adding tweetable quotes from the post you’re sharing makes users more likely to read and retweet a blog. 

Social media is also an easy way to market to a target audience. Use keywords in hashtags so users interested in your specific topics are more likely to come across you. Boosting or sponsoring a post can provide further visibility because social media platforms have perfected algorithms that target them to the right people.

Creating polls on social media can help bloggers learn about their audience. They’re a great way to receive insight into what your readers care about and the topics they’d like you to cover. On top of that, when a blogger asks for feedback, it makes followers feel included and valued.

Not all people are drawn to the same content. Especially when you’re first getting started, it’s important to diversify your social media content to learn what leads to the most views and engagement. Posts that share the same links can be adapted into many different formats: gifs, videos, comics, memes, quotes, and images. By diversifying your content, you can reach more people and learn what type of marketing your audience is most drawn to. 

Stay active and post regularly. One of the most efficient ways to drive content creation and keep an audience engaged is to have a social media and content calendar. It helps keep you organized and ensures consistency across platforms.

The Takeaway

On the surface, blogging and social media marketing may seem like two separate strategies. But the best way to maximize the benefits of each is to treat them as one cohesive unit. When both platforms work together, bloggers get thr advantage of both mediums. Combining them lets bloggers expand their brands, increase engagement, and drive site traffic. By keeping your blog and social media accounts aligned, you’ll improve both channels and accelerate progress toward your goals.