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Magnet.blog is home to the writers of Magnet Quarterly, an original and creative quarterly magazine from Turkey. Each themed edition covers topics like culture, arts, and fashion.

Who is the Blog for, and What’s It About?

The Magnet Quarterly blog is an extension of the physical magazine. The publication describes itself as catering to “men and women, typically between the ages of 20 and 40, with a high level of education and income.” Magnet.blog is a place to learn about culture—from hotels to space tourism—all types of art, music, and fashion, even fashion in space and virtual reality.

What Makes It Special?

As a premium domain, Magnet.blog is instantly recognizable and memorable. The one-word name, followed by the .blog TLD makes it easy to identify the site as a blog and further supports the brand

.blog premium domain names are short and to the point, making it easy for readers to find, recognize, and immediately connect to a brand.

Aesthetically, the blog feels elevated and visually matches their magazine. Post formats vary to include videos, interviews, and articles, and they offer a unique perspective on topics like arts and fashion, exploring these fields in the virtual domain. 

Magnet.blog appeals to younger, technology-driven people who care about staying on the cutting edge of topics like NFTs, the digital world, and evolving beauty standards.

What Can We Learn?

Magnet Quarterly successfully uses blogging as an extension of their brand. Having an online presence that gives readers a taste of who they are, allows magnet.blog to ignite interest in the physical publication and encourages people to subscribe to the magazine or for magazine readers to find them online. 

Having a premium .blog domain name helps boost online branding as it shares the same name as the magazine.


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