.blog Featured Site: tib.blog

TIB.blog is the blog by thisisbeauty.com, a sustainable beauty retailer with an unwavering commitment to ethical products and redefining the essence of what ‘beauty’ means. If you’re tired of conforming to unrealistic standards dictated by the mainstream media and beauty brands, the TIB.blog might be the spot for you. 

An engaging hub of information that demonstrates the brand’s values, it offers an inspiring array of news, exclusive interviews, and exciting updates from the ever-evolving world of beauty.

What is the blog about?

On TIB.blog, sustainable and ethical values intertwine with a celebration of non-traditional beauty. Distinct from the many sites dedicated to upholding mainstream beauty norms, TIB.blog fearlessly promotes inclusivity and empowerment. Covering everything from fashion and make-up to lifestyle, the blog appeals to readers seeking a refreshing approach to wellness.

These same topics also make up the blog’s carefully curated categories: Beauty, People, Optimal Living, and What’s Happening. Within these themes, TIB.blog is able to cater to the needs and interests of readers with diverse tastes, all of whom are united by the value of authentic beauty.

What makes it special?

One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit TIB.blog is just how visually appealing it is. And if you’ve arrived from thisisbeauty.com or their social channels, you won’t miss the  consistent branding and design. Not only does this help readers understand that TIB.blog is an extension of the thisisbeauty.com brand, but a design this great is hard not to engage with, so it encourages visitors to read on.

Beyond design, it’s clear brand values of sustainability, ethical business practices, and inclusive beauty standards are clear from the get-go, and they pervade all of the content. Even the eye-catching imagery used in their blogs is clean, sleek.

Compelling stories add to the authentic and trustworthy tone of TIB.blog, position them as industry leaders, and serve as proof of TIB’s positive impact in the beauty community. 

By sharing content and stories that evidence your impact – whether that’s in sustainability, the benefit you bring to customers, or data that aligns with another of your brand values – your audience will understand that your actions go further than just surface level. This also helps to add a human, more personal aspect to your brand image. And what’s more, for TIB.blog it’s likely to encourage readers to head over to shop at thisisbeauty.com.

What to steal?

  • Pick a snappy domain name. Three letters make TIB.blog easy to recall, not just because it aligns with its main brand, thisisbeauty.com, but also because three-letter blog names are rare and more memorable.
  • Use your blog to demonstrate your brand values. Blogs are a great way to define and strengthen your messaging.